Open Studios it's a perfect occasion for the public to have a look behind the scenes, meet the makers and their actual work space, sometimes even they have the chance to see them working.

I really enjoy to see how much people are interested in learning about weaving and the whole process of making. I do believe that the importance of weaving must be more highlighted, as it is constantly present, yet often left unnoticed. The determinant role textiles play in our life, the power of colour, or the lack thereof, the achievement of high aesthetics through simplicity and the use of natural and sustainable materials, are my sources of inspiration and motivation.

My work is practice-based sustainable design textiles that have a reduced impact on the environment. My approach to design is based on the idea of creating aesthetically engaging and functional textiles and objects with ‘zero waste’ design and craftsmanship. Through a constructive, and continuous, dialogue with traditional craft techniques my work aims at creating vibrant, albeit minimal, textiles that creatively interpret long-established techniques and styles yielding a vigorously contemporary and environmentally sustainable interlocutor.

During Open Studios I will have a selection of my best selling Floor Cushions, Throws an Rugs as well as some samples of my new upcoming collection based on old traditional and unique weaving technique. 


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