Why Craft Matters?

Living in a digital era of single-use objects, where people discard things easily, the need for tangible and real materials arises. Craft is more than just a way of making things; for me it’s a way of thinking and living in the most sustainable and meaningful way.

Craft questions the different processes of dealing with the material world, and it brings back a certain level of human dignity. Craft calms down our high-speed society. In a way, craft is a tool to connect the heritage of the past with our present. Craft can invest a context of regionalism and history to our convenience-based economy. Craft is an event that starts with a physical sense of relationship between materials and people.

More specifically, hand-weaving - one of the oldest crafts, like a portal to past eras and candlelit work environments, brings back a long- forgotten, almost romantic, collaboration of the body and the mind, and relationship between the domesticity and the creativity.

Hand-crafted goods remind us how and why we are human - they carry a story, maker’s personality and the emotional state of their creator. Often seen on hand-woven textiles are actually signals of rest pauses where the weaver has taken a break from the loom, something which otherwise is an industrial defect becomes a detail we empathise with.

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