Maria Sigma | Woven Textiles Studio offers textile designing and colour consulting services to individuals and professionals for interior spaces but not limited to it. 

The objects in a home are more than ‘things’; they are a collection of materials invested with memories and meaning, an expression of self and identity. Home objects are what makes a house a home (Hecht in Miller, 2001; Lawrence, 1987).

Maria's designs display a shared commitment to quality, sustainability, honesty and an aesthetic rooted in a high appreciation of the hand-made. By emphasising the raw quality of the materials and texture and removing any superfluous elements, her work pays close attention to usability and aiming at producing high-quality luxurious interior products designed to become timeless heirlooms. By combining color psychology, current trends and color design theories, alongside with a deep knowledge of textiles and materials technology, she offers successful informed solutions for interiors and fashion.

Collaborations & commissions may evolve a piece in the existing product range or may be an entirely new bespoke design/installation for interiors, outdoors and fashion. Maria Sigma | Woven Textiles studio works hard to interpret and realise all clients visions and expectations. 

Please contact the studio to discuss all possible options regarding your project.